Jan 11

5 Benefits Of Internet Marketing

Many business people nowadays are turning to online internet marketing to promote their products and services. It not just something for corporate bodies as it used to be in the past. This is because much of the technical work that required outsourcing then can be easily handled by a newbie nowadays with a single click of a mouse.

If you a businessperson and you are not taking advantage of these method to promote your products and services, may be it is time you did so. The following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

1. Convenience

When using internet marketing to market your products and services, you can be open for business round the clock. You will not need to worry about overpayments of staff or store opening hours as it is usually the case with the traditional means of marketing. Marketing your products and services via the internet will also be convenient for your customers. They can easily access or browse your online store from the comfort of their homes and place orders conveniently.

2. Broad and Global Reach

With internet marketing, you will be able to overcome barriers of distance and reach markets that would have been impossible to reach using the traditional methods of marketing. You can sell products or services in any part of the country or the world without setting up local outlets. This will help you widen your target market and increase your profitability tremendously. You will not be bound by geographical locations when using internet marketing because everything is done online.

3. Cost Effectiveness

The costs that you will incur to market your products and services online will be significantly lower as compared to using traditional marketing methods. Starting social media marketing, blog marketing or email marketing will cost you significantly less compared to traditional marketing means that mostly depend on land, labor, capital and entrepreneur. Apart from the cost effectiveness of launching the internet marketing campaign, things such as designing product pamphlets and disseminating them through different social media platforms will be very easy because everything is digital.  Another cost effective way to outsource your internet marketing is to use an expert SEO company like you can find on Tangible Vagaries Yelp page.

4. Personalized Relationships with Customers

Internet marketing will make it very easy for you to build relationships with your customers and also increase customer retention levels. Beginning a relationship with a customer that has purchased a product from your online store will be absolutely easy. You can do this by simply sending them a follow up email to thank them or confirm the transaction. Another way that you can use to create personalized relationships with your customers is by sending them emails that provide valuable information on what they purchased, new products that you offering, special discounts and so on.

5. Ease of Data Gathering

To be able to sell your products and services effectively to people, you need to determine the niche that your business caters to. Knowing what your highly profitable products are will allow you to use the best SEO company in America to ensure new customers are finding you.  You will need to find out which customers have a higher demand for your products and services. The internet will be the best place to gather pertinent customer data that will help you determine the niche that you should focus on. Online data forms have made it absolutely easier to find people that are willing to provide answers to questionnaires.

May 17

ADHD Supplements For Better Grades

Ms. Linda Wells, a 35-year old mother of one has been able to help her child to get better grades at school with ADHD supplements from ADHD Naturally.

Ms. Wells had begun to notice that her daughter’s medication seemed not to be working. She could barely concentrate, she kept forgetting even the sentence that she had just read when doing her homework, and she had become a tad bit hypersensitive.

After a visit to the doctor, the medication was changed. The side effects, ranging from head and stomach aches, rebound, moodiness, sleeping problems, and irritability worsened.

Determined to defy the odds, she asked a friend why her child was able to get good grades in school, despite the fact that he had ADHD. Ms. Wells was informed that nutrition plays a crucial role in the brain function of a child who has ADHD. She was advised to try ADHD supplements.

adhdMs. Wells has come to understand the fact that many diets are deficient in vital vitamins and minerals which increase focus, alertness, and attention. Supplements, just like their name suggests, come in handy to ‘supplement’ the nutrition gaps that are left by diet. Here are the supplements that Ms. Wells used to help increase her child’s focus, resulting in better grades in school:

Multivitamin/ multimineral

This option ensures that your child gets the daily recommended value, especially if she is a picky eater, like Ms. Well’s child.

B Vitamins

After Ms. Wells began to give vitamin B supplements to her child, her IQ score increased by 16 points. No wonder the impressive improvement in her grades at school. She also portrayed a reduction in antisocial behavior and aggression as well. Ms. Wells’ doctor explained that Vitamin B6 increases dopamine levels in the brain, resulting in improved alertness.

Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc

Zinc helps in the synthesis of dopamine, increasing focus and concentration levels. Iron also helps in the making of dopamine. Magnesium has a calming effect on the brain. A good way to ensure that your child gets the DRV – daily reference value of all the three vital minerals is using a multivitamin/multimineral with iron.


This supplement increases blood flow to the brain. This helps to improve alertness and attention, as well as aggressive behavior. “It may have some stimulating effects, though mild”, quips Ms. Wells.

Omega 3s

These supplements improve ADHD symptoms. “You could call it the ADHD ‘super-supplement‘”, adds Ms. Wells, ” in fact, there are as effective to the tunes of 40% when compared with stimulants, minus the side effects”. The best Omega 3s should have twice the amount of EPA: DHA (the 2 main types of Omega 3s). Go for liquid or capsule forms.


“Well, there is no doctor’s prescription to follow. The best way to go about it is to try. Note what works and what doesn’t. Over time, you will get to understand how to combine the ADHD supplements, and provide the best for your child” Advises Ms. Wells.

All in All

If your child has ADHD and the medication seems not to be working, you could use ADHD supplements and help him to focus when studying, with milder side effects, if any. The supplements should be used together with a balanced diet. Ms. Wells has been able to help increase her child’s focus, and she can now bring home better results. You can defy the odds too.

Apr 09

Plumber turns around business with online lead generation

I am a plumber. A relatively successful one in my local area. My clients love my work and I keep getting referrals. I used to receive a lot of emails from people who claimed that they could help my website rank first on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I dismissed them as scammers. After seeing the frequency of these emails, and struggling to find new clients and leads for a while, I decided to find out what all the SEO talk was all about. (I had unsubscribed from all the marketing emails by the way). I called one of my friends who was an IT expert and asked him to explain to me what SEO is all about. I bet the best headline for my story is: Plumber turns around business with online lead generation (I can see it as a newspaper headline)

Let us call my friend Stuart. I had a website which I rarely visited, and literally that was dead boring. Stuart advised me to reface my site, then use SEO for me to generate leads. Stuart works with an SEO company. Here is what his laborious lessons incorporated (thanks to his student having no idea about SEO):

Lesson 1: A visit to my competitors’ sites

Stuart asked me to list some of the things I liked about the website. I was already seeing where I was going wrong. A particular interest was the blog, where the content was invaluable. I had already begun to see my competitors’ websites as authorities in plumbing. Mind you, I had even better information to share from my vast plumbing experience that could generate more leads

Lesson 2: Keywords

Stuart explained that visitors used keywords to search for websites or relevant plumbing information. For instance, we had just keyed in some keywords for us to access my competitors’ websites. This was almost mind-blowing. I was excited. Stuart explained that he could use some tools to help me find the keywords that my visitors used to find my website. We tried a few, but my website was nowhere to be found. I had to do something.

Lesson 3: SEO strategy

After getting to see what made it so hard for me to get more clients and leads, I was on a revenge mission. With the permission from his team, Stuart became my official account manager. Here is a breakdown of our SEO strategy:

-The first thing that he helped me do was to come up with my business’ objectives. One of them was definitely lead generation

-Next, with the help of some tools, he helped me to come up with targeted keywords. At this point, he explained that I could also use ‘long-tail keywords’, something like ‘extended keywords’. For instance, the long-tail keyword for ‘plumbers’ could include the location. He advised me to create content around these keywords or even hire a copywriter to do so. Most importantly, there was a need for balance between keyword use and the value provided by the content. I was then supposed to share the content on social media to increase the number of leads.

-He also explained other things like link building and paid advertising

-The best part was the analytics. He explained that with SEO, I could get to know the time when my site got the highest number of visitors, where most leads came from and track whether I was getting the audience that I initially aimed at.

Fast forward

With Stuart’s Company’s help, I used SEO to generate leads for my business. 2 years down the line, my website has considerable traffic, and loyal subscribers who frequently use my services. My income has doubled, and I now have 10 staff members. Needless to say, we have become better friends with Stuart.

Jan 11

SEO Tips and Tricks for 2016

I thought this was a great video, you should be able to learn a thing or two about SEO if you watch it a couple of times.