May 17

ADHD Supplements For Better Grades

Ms. Linda Wells, a 35-year old mother of one has been able to help her child to get better grades at school with ADHD supplements from ADHD Naturally.

Ms. Wells had begun to notice that her daughter’s medication seemed not to be working. She could barely concentrate, she kept forgetting even the sentence that she had just read when doing her homework, and she had become a tad bit hypersensitive.

After a visit to the doctor, the medication was changed. The side effects, ranging from head and stomach aches, rebound, moodiness, sleeping problems, and irritability worsened.

Determined to defy the odds, she asked a friend why her child was able to get good grades in school, despite the fact that he had ADHD. Ms. Wells was informed that nutrition plays a crucial role in the brain function of a child who has ADHD. She was advised to try ADHD supplements.

adhdMs. Wells has come to understand the fact that many diets are deficient in vital vitamins and minerals which increase focus, alertness, and attention. Supplements, just like their name suggests, come in handy to ‘supplement’ the nutrition gaps that are left by diet. Here are the supplements that Ms. Wells used to help increase her child’s focus, resulting in better grades in school:

Multivitamin/ multimineral

This option ensures that your child gets the daily recommended value, especially if she is a picky eater, like Ms. Well’s child.

B Vitamins

After Ms. Wells began to give vitamin B supplements to her child, her IQ score increased by 16 points. No wonder the impressive improvement in her grades at school. She also portrayed a reduction in antisocial behavior and aggression as well. Ms. Wells’ doctor explained that Vitamin B6 increases dopamine levels in the brain, resulting in improved alertness.

Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc

Zinc helps in the synthesis of dopamine, increasing focus and concentration levels. Iron also helps in the making of dopamine. Magnesium has a calming effect on the brain. A good way to ensure that your child gets the DRV – daily reference value of all the three vital minerals is using a multivitamin/multimineral with iron.


This supplement increases blood flow to the brain. This helps to improve alertness and attention, as well as aggressive behavior. “It may have some stimulating effects, though mild”, quips Ms. Wells.

Omega 3s

These supplements improve ADHD symptoms. “You could call it the ADHD ‘super-supplement‘”, adds Ms. Wells, ” in fact, there are as effective to the tunes of 40% when compared with stimulants, minus the side effects”. The best Omega 3s should have twice the amount of EPA: DHA (the 2 main types of Omega 3s). Go for liquid or capsule forms.


“Well, there is no doctor’s prescription to follow. The best way to go about it is to try. Note what works and what doesn’t. Over time, you will get to understand how to combine the ADHD supplements, and provide the best for your child” Advises Ms. Wells.

All in All

If your child has ADHD and the medication seems not to be working, you could use ADHD supplements and help him to focus when studying, with milder side effects, if any. The supplements should be used together with a balanced diet. Ms. Wells has been able to help increase her child’s focus, and she can now bring home better results. You can defy the odds too.